No More Circus Elephants

(AP Photo/Feld Entertainment Inc., Gary Bogdon)

(AP Photo/Feld Entertainment Inc., Gary Bogdon)

(AP and NewsPop) – “The Greatest Show on Earth” will soon go on without elephants. Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced last week it will stop using elephants in 2018.

Animal rights activists have been asking the company to make the change for years. They say circus elephants are treated cruelly by trainers to get them to perform tricks. Ringling Brothers says it does not mistreat its’ elephants. They company says it made the decision because circus-goers were becoming uncomfortable with the company using elephants in shows. In fact, some cities in the U.S. don’t allow elephants acts.

The elephants will retire to the company’s elephant sanctuary in Florida.

The circus will continue to use tigers, dogs and goats in shows. Other, smaller circuses in the U.S. — and in countries such as Russia, France and Thailand — still use elephants.

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