NewsPop Poll Results: How Students Voted


(NewsPop) — NewsPop, PopVox and the Close Up Foundation conducted a presidential election poll for kids in third through twelfth grades and the results mirror those of the national election.

437 students answered questions about the presidential race, the issues that concern them and shared advice they would give the new president.

When asked for whom they would vote in the presidential race, more students selected Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president.

45.95% Donald Trump (Republican)
40.29% Hillary Clinton (Democrat)
8.6% Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
5.16% Jill Stein (Green Party)

When asked to rank issues by how important they were to them, 21.45 % of students responded that terrorism was more important than any other issue to them followed by 16.47% of students who said that conflicts between people of different races/religions and backgrounds was the single most important issue to them.

Over half of the students responded that they would NOT consider running for office.

The majority of kids who answered the survey were in grades 10 through 12. 52.86% of students who responded were girls and 47.17% were boys.

When asked what advice they would give to our new president, here’s a sampling of the answers:

“Strengthen our borders to keep our country safe, help our country’s economic position, work to fix the debt, don’t make health care free.”

“You aren’t just representing yourself, you are representing your country and everyone living in it. Think before you act and use your presidency for the good of the people ”

“As important as all three are, terrorism, people dying to gun and racial violence, and immigration are all far less important than reform to protect the environment. Humanity and all other species on earth WILL go extinct if we don’t find a new source of energy and cut down on trash and pollution.”

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on “NewsPop Poll Results: How Students Voted
One Comment on “NewsPop Poll Results: How Students Voted
  1. The children that were polled are suprisingly astute, they get it. Your follow up writer tried to insert man made climate change as #1, the kids obviously believe differently

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